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NAT Art Residence, Cantabria, Spain - May 2023

I am the enigmatic, undiscovered cave,

Shrouded in layers, a mysterious enclave.

I ponder with intrigue, what secrets lie within,

What wondrous treasures does this cavern hold?


Layer after layer, I covered the pain, encapsulating it in masks. Deeper and stronger each time. I convinced myself it was only for protection. But my soul fell asleep. I silenced my feelings, and gradually sank into a deep loneliness. Another layer, another mask. I hided traumas, I concealed fears. Trapped and bewildered, I continued. I disappeared, I could no longer see myself. I was invisible. So many years and too many layers. I took a deep breath. I gathered my courage and started slowly. With nervousness, I began removing the masks one by one. The pain rose to the surface. My hands trembled. 

I freed myself. And I breathed again, but this time with an immense feeling of freedom.

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