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Born in Argentina and based in Brisbane, visual artist Monique Baqués uses the language of colour to express deep feelings, represent her world and tell meaningful stories. Working with collage and oil on canvas, her work explores the relationship between colours, shapes and spaces.


She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age 25 she got married and moved to Chile, where she obtained a postgraduate degree in Arts Management at University of Chile. Soon her life journey took her to France, The Netherlands and Malaysia; enabling her to reap the creative benefits of diverse multicultural experiences. With 3 young children, she arrived in Australia in 2012.


Monique has exhibited widely through Argentina, Europe, Asia and Australia and her works are owned by collectors around the world. She won the Oxfam design competition for their 2004 postcards in The Hague, she had the privilege to represent Argentina at the Art Expo Malaysia 2010 and, more recently, was selected by the Brisbane City Council to exhibit her Abstract Journey and Paraíso collections at their City Square Library. With the idea that her stunning art designs can also be wearable, Monique has created unique handbags, accessories and apparel under her own brand name Art2Go.  

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