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Since my twenties I have been working in series. Like stories they gather my thoughts and ideas into individual collections, the styles and themes of which reflect my journey along the way. Oil painting has been a constant in my life since my father gave me my first wooden oil paint box when I was only 12 years old.


It was in my thirties that I started incorporating fabrics and patterned papers into my work, creating collages with the help of digital resources. As my work evolved, my passion for exploration through colour has remained true, making it my most distinctive attribute.


My technique has since become more abstract and geometric. What interests me about this development is the opportunity to explore a style that embraces the challenges of expressing emotion in a non-figurative way. I am intrigued by experimental compositions that generate a tension between curves and straight lines, gestural brushstrokes and geometric flat surfaces. I am fascinated by the impact these contradictions have on us.


In this process of exploring, I wish to produce work that connects our inner souls, shares emotions, make us wonder. I strongly believe this process validates our existence.

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